Sincere Conservation  

Real conservation comes out of stewardship, friendship, passion and compassion. Local and indigenous people all over the world have used their own set of values and customary laws to protect their neighbouring forests and wildlife for thousands of years, never expecting any payment or fame.

Unfortunately mainstream conservation by its militarism and territorialism, its insistence on assigning nature economic value, and its sheer arrogance, constantly shrinks the physical and moral space for local conservation initiatives. Local conservationists rarely get any support from the government and mainstream conservationists, and often have to spend most of their efforts and personal money on combating conservation bureaucracy and discrimination as opposed to their goal of defending the forest.

Local, national and international activism against corruption, environmental crime, destructive industries and discriminative conservation is another extremely important force which can bring real, positive change. Activists are also being disregarded, marginalized, and in many cases intimidated by mainstream conservation. Environmental activists all over the world are facing growing risks to their lives and numbers of related murders is increasing annually. The lack of support and protection from mainstream conservation and government is part of the reason for this escalating aggression.

Reclaim Conservation calls sincere conservationists and activists from all over the world to join us so together we can create a strong, united front of sincere conservationists in order to transform our conservation reality.     

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