Activists and Communities Vs. Mainstream Conservation Myths

There are myriad definitions of the term “environmental conservation” and hundreds of ideologies and methods being utilised worldwide in an attempt to conserve habitats and biodiversity. At present, what is clear is that conservation efforts as a whole are failing. While  large-scale financial investments in worldwide conservation efforts is increasing, positive results from these investments […]

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Conservation Exposed

Conservation is failing worldwide! Big international NGOs (BINGOs) spend increasing amounts of money on conservation initiatives that often do not have a direct effect on forest and species conservation or, in other cases, create antagonism and even retaliation from the local population. They present to the public varying narratives, some being doom-and-gloom situations focusing on […]

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Sincere Conservation  

Real conservation comes out of stewardship, friendship, passion and compassion. Local and indigenous people all over the world have used their own set of values and customary laws to protect their neighbouring forests and wildlife for thousands of years, never expecting any payment or fame. Unfortunately mainstream conservation by its militarism and territorialism, its insistence […]

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