Aniye Grassroots Movement

We are currently in the midst of what is commonly referred to as the world’s worst refugee crisis in history, with at least 22 armed conflicts and an estimated 68.5 million forcefully displaced people worldwide. These clashes and forced migration result in millions of deaths, severe traumas and extreme poverty for millions more. Slavery is […]

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Ethical Conservation Course postponed

We have decided to postpone our Ethical Conservation Course. This is due to difficulty in finding external financing to cover the costs of the many great local conservationists who inquired and applied to the course. We were positively surprised by the interest in the course and believe that we should accommodate all the requests for […]

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Ethical Conservation Course: Changing Global Conservation Realities

Mainstream conservation is failing to provide effective solutions to the global environmental deterioration. At the same time, conservation initiatives are responsible for augmenting social conflicts and injustices. Many conservation institutions choose to take an active part in the world´s destructive economic system, rather than struggle to change it. Both the general public and conservation practitioners […]

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Download Reclaim’s new flyer

Check out our new flyer introducing Reclaim Conservation and calling people to join us. In order to reach our goals and work to change conservation realities we need many more people to join us both in our many activities and as organizers. Please join us and help spread the word about Reclaim Conservation! Click to […]

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Activists and Communities Vs. Mainstream Conservation Myths

There are myriad definitions of the term “environmental conservation” and hundreds of ideologies and methods being utilised worldwide in an attempt to conserve habitats and biodiversity. At present, what is clear is that conservation efforts as a whole are failing. While  large-scale financial investments in worldwide conservation efforts is increasing, positive results from these investments […]

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