Conservation Activism Manifesto

We are working on document which will encompass many ideological, philosophical and practical ideas on activism and conservation. We are hoping for it to be a living document, meaning open for suggestions, edits and debates in order to make it as precise and inclusive as possible. For every subject we will have a non-academic, popular version and an academic version which will provide references to serve as a reading list. We have started writing about several topics which are ready for commentary and there are many more topics that need to be written.

Click on the links below to read the parts of the manifesto we have written so far and contact us if you are interested in joining the discussion and for more details.

Neoliberalism:  Academic / Non-Academic

Conservation:  Academic / Non-Academic

Neoliberal Conservation:   Academic / Non-Academic

Community Based Conservation: Academic

Animal Rights: Academic

Animal Rights and Social Justice: Academic

Funding, green washing and fabricated success stories: Non-Academic

Agriculture and poverty: Non-Academic

Economic exploitation of wildlife – Lazy conservation: Non-Academic

Overpopulation and surplus people: Non-Academic

Armed conflicts, refugees and the environment: Academic